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Work at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR)

Falling from height is the most common cause of workplace deaths. In 2004-5 there were 53 such deaths and 3800 serious injuries. 60% of these resulted from falls from below head height. It is officially estimated that these accidents cost the UK economy £60million each year.

These regulations were introduced in the UK as a result of the passing of “The Working at Height Directive” by the EU in order to address the high level of accidents involving work at height.

They specify that a risk assessment is carried out before work at height is undertaken and if a ladder is to be used, the following must be undertaken:

Schedule 6, paragraph 5 states that,

“A portable ladder shall be prevented from slipping during use by-

a) securing the stiles at or near their upper or lower ends;

b) an effective anti-slip or other effective stability device; or

c) any other arrangement of equivalent effectiveness.

Furthermore, the HSE, in their guidance notes, no longer recommend “footing” a ladder. They say, “Footing is the last resort and should be avoided…”

This is where LadderMate and TopMate can help you to comply with your statutory responsibilities.

Click here to visit the HSE website for more information on ladder safety.