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demonstration of topmate safety device on a ladder against a wall


TopMate is an industrial strength ladder stand-off designed to make ladder work both safer and easier.

  • High friction rubber wheels allow easier ladder extension and increased resistance to sideway slip whilst preventing damage to building exterior.
  • 70 cms span in contact with wall offers greater sideways stability
  • Designed to span down pipes
  • Provides a 20cm "stand off" to offer easier sill and gutter access
  • Easy to assemble - Topmate comes in 2 sections, which require initial assembly with 2 bolts. After that they are permanently ready for use.
  • Easy to attach to a ladder - simply hook over the top rung and fasten with the "j" bolt on the second rung.
  • Fits all ladders with rung centres of 23-30 cms.

Topmate safety device fitted to a ladder

It is strongly recommended that when using TopMate it is used in conjunction with LadderMate to create a safety system.