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Man on ladder using Laddermate for safety

Ladder Safety Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use LadderMate between 2nd & 3rd rungs (to bridge over porches, conservatories, etc) on level ground?

Q. Can you use it on soft ground (Or surfaces other than concrete/tarmac)?

Q. Does it fit any ladder?

Q. Is it approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) or other national safety bodies?

Q. How does it work?

Q. What height can the ladder be using LadderMate and what weight will it take?

A. In terms of stopping a ladder slipping outwards, the height is not material as it works on angles not height alone. However, due note should be taken of what the experts say. The higher the ladder, by definition the more unstable it will be, especially as regards sideways movement. On the second point, in normal circumstances, LadderMate takes very little strain as it is not supporting the ladder, it is merely stabilising it. It would only take strain if the ladder slipped... but it cannot because of LadderMate.

Q. Can it be used on sloping ground?

Q. Does it put stress on the bottom rungs?

Q. Does using LadderMate mean that we donít have to bother with any other safety measures?

Q. Will it stop sideways slip.

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