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Man on ladder using Laddermate for safety

Ladder Safety Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you use LadderMate between 2nd & 3rd rungs (to bridge over porches, conservatories, etc) on level ground?

Q. Can you use it on soft ground (Or surfaces other than concrete/tarmac)?

Q. Does it fit any ladder?

Q. Is it approved by the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) or other national safety bodies?

A. No. Quite simply the HSE are a public body and are not permitted to approve or test products. Neither is there a British or European standard for ladder stabilisers. However, the HSE have developed a test for the producers to conduct themselves and LadderMate does not have a problem in passing that. The thousands of users which includes many household names and over 100 local authorities are the real proof that this product meets a real need in the marketplace, having been seen and accepted by many professionals in industry.

Q. How does it work?

Q. What height can the ladder be using LadderMate and what weight will it take?

Q. Can it be used on sloping ground?

Q. Does it put stress on the bottom rungs?

Q. Does using LadderMate mean that we donít have to bother with any other safety measures?

Q. Will it stop sideways slip.

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