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LadderMate Ladder-Pal in N. America)

"Simply the height of safety"

Laddermate fitted to a standard ladder
LadderMate is patent protected

Ladder accidents

How do Accidents happen?

How can we prevent them?

How can LadderMate help?


Ease of installation

How do we know it works?

Who is using LadderMate?

What do they say about LadderMate?

"If I had a ladder at home I would buy a LadderMate" - HSE Inspector.

"It is reassuring to know that we are sending them (our engineers) out properly equipped with the best safety products" - Safety Officer, the leading satellite TV company.

"Over the last year we have bought LadderMates from you and these are issued to our painters who have found them very reassuring in use and very easy to attach to the ladder. In fact we have got 3 or 4 men who insist on taking a LadderMate with them from job to job wherever they are working." - Safety Officer for a major London painting contractor.

"In my opinion this LadderMate was the best product shown at the recent Health & Safety show at Olympia." - Health & Safety Officer, London Borough of Hillingdon.

LadderMate is patent protected EP0870897