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LadderMate Ladder-Pal in N. America)

"Simply the height of safety"

Laddermate fitted to a standard ladder
LadderMate is patent protected

Ladder accidents

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How can LadderMate help?


There are several benefits to using LadderMate:

  • Considerably reduces risk of outward ladder slip.
  • Braces ladder to reduce the amount of flex or "bounce" to make users feel more secure.
  • Increases the effective base of the ladder by forming a much larger trapezium- shaped base than with just the ladder itself. This gives more sideways stability.
  • Ensures that users erect the ladder at approximately the recommended angle. This will vary slightly depending on the configuration of the ladder.
  • Takes less than 5 seconds to fit. We recognised that people are reluctant to use safety equipment if it takes too long to install, especially if they are paid on a bonus basis.
  • Most importantly for employers, LadderMate costs less than a days pay for another person to foot the ladder and once bought it will last for years.

Ease of installation

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