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Lateral resistance footing provided by LadderMate (Ladder-Pal in N. America)

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Laddermate fitted to a standard ladder
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Ladder accidents

Every year, many people fall from ladders causing, in 2004-05, 53 deaths in the UK and nearly 3800 serious injuries. The Association of British Insurers has stated that £12 Billion a year is lost in the UK through accidents, and of these 25% are as a result of falls from height. Employers obviously have a statutory responsibility to ensure that their employees have the necessary equipment and training to comply with Health and Safety legislation, in particular the Work At Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR)

If you are an employer, you could be liable to heavy fines and insurance claims if one of your employees has a fall, if you are self-employed, an accident could mean substantial loss of earnings. Safety is usually a concern, but often not a priority until it is too late. Use our lateral resistance footing to help meet the Working at Height Regulations.

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