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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is DermaShield just another barrier cream?

A. Not in the traditional sense, it is an industrial skin protectant that is highly effective but non-greasy and more importantly it allows the skin to breathe. It is dispensed as a mousse and after only a couple of minutes it dries to an invisible layer.

Q. Can it be used on any part of the skin?

A. Yes it can be used not only on hands but also on the face, neck, arms, etc. but avoiding bodily cavities.

Q. Is it food safe?

A. Yes, you can use it in food preparation areas.

Q. How does it work?

A. It locks on to the dead, outer layers of the skin and only comes off as those skin cells are naturally cast off over several hours.

Q. How often do you have to apply it and will it wash off?

A. One application will last about 4 hours even with repeated washing of the skin.

Q. Will it protect against all substances?

A. It will protect against most substances including oil, grease, dyes, paint, ink, resins, mastic, adhesives and most chemicals. It will also provide temporary, emergency protection against most acids allowing time to reach first aid. We can advise on the suitability against specific substances.

Q. Will it replace personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves?

A. No. It should be regarded as a second line of defence and PPE should still be used as normal.

Q. Do we still have to use harsh cleansers to remove dirt, grease, paint etc.

A. You will find that by using DermaShield it is not necessary to use harsh cleansers and scrubbing the skin which can cause mechanical damage over time. The use of soap and hot water will generally be enough even with the likes of gloss paint.

Q. Do you lose some sense of touch with DermaShield?

A. Absolutely not, you will not notice that it is there and also will be able to perform manipulative tasks easily because it is not greasy.

Q. Is DermaShield a medical product?

A. No it is not, but anecdotal testimony from many users indicates that some medical conditions such as dermatitis can be helped, often significantly. Think about it if your skin is protected against the things which cause the skin problems then the body has a chance of healing itself.

Q. What else does it do?

A. Not only all of the above, but it also contains nutrients which are beneficial to the skin. These include aloe vera and vitamin E which sink into the skin and nourish it.


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