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Two major trials have been conducted with DermaShield.

In the first, at RAF St. Athan, 27 engineers working in painting, fuel cell repair, windscreen replacement, composite repair and chemical stripping tested DermaShield over a 6 week period. A summary of the results is as follows:

  • 89% experienced an improvement in skin condition.
  • 80% claimed that their sense of touch was enhanced.
  • 60% found DermaShield considerably easier to use.
  • There was a 60% reduction in the teamís clean-up time.
  • 85% reported considerable improvement in "overall effectiveness."

The second trial was conducted in an NHS trust hospital, where 28 subjects working in theatre, wards, catering, cleaning and porterage tested DermaShield over an 8 week period. They reported the following results:

  • 82% showed an improvement in skin condition, of whom 64% classed the improvement as significant.
  • 81% of those with prior skin complaints reported significant improvement in that condition.
  • 79% said that DermaShield was better than methods used prior to the trial.
  • 89% said their "feel factor" had improved.
  • 68% believed that DermaShield was easier to apply than products used before the trial.

More details of these tests are available on request.

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